CV crime volume drops by almost 40%

CEBU, March 25 (PIA) -- Police blotters in the region have recorded lesser crimes in the first two and a half months this year compared to the same period last year, which is largely attributed to heightened police visibility and random checkpoints amid the continuing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

From January to March 15, 2021, there were 8,543 crime incidents reported regionwide, but the figure is less than the 13,931 crime incidents of the same period last year, a cut by 38.7 percent or a decrease of 5,388 crime incidents.

The Regional Investigation and Detective Management Division (RIDMD) of the Police Regional Office (PRO-7) in its report on the current peace and order situation in the region during the virtual 3rd Quarter Regional Peace and Order Council Meeting today, said the peace and order in Central Visayas is considered manageable due to the sustained and effective delivery of public safety services.

Two major barometers to determine the general peace and order situation are the peace and order indicator that encompass index and non-index crimes and the public safety indicator, which refers to vehicular accidents and other quasi offenses.

According to the RIDMD-7, index crimes plummeted from 2,005 incidents from January to March 15, 2020 to only 808 incidents this year, covering the same period, or a cut of 59.7 percent.

Index crimes involve crimes against persons such as murder, homicide, rape, and physical injury and crimes against property refer to robbery, theft, carnapping, and cattle rustling.

For murder, 114 incidents were recorded last year for the first two and a half months, which fell to 82 incidents this year; while for homicide, the number last year reached 21 and only 11 for the same period this year. 

Rape crimes fell from 163 incidents last year to 85 this year for the period January to March 15.

Record of robbery incidents last year was at 301 for the first two and a half months, which dove to 97 incidents this year; while theft fell by 65.7 percent from 871 incidents in 2021 covering the same period, down to 299 incidents.

The biggest drop reported was carnapping, which decreased by 75.3 percent from 85 incidents, down to only 21 this year.

For non-index crimes, which are offenses of special laws and local ordinances, there were 6,438 incidents in January to March 15, 2020, which fell to 4,276 incidents this year of the same period or a dip of 33.6 percent, the RIDMD-7 reported.

For vehicular accidents or traffic-related cases under the public safety indicator, comparative figures showed that this also decreased from last year to this year by 2,028 incidents or equivalent to 37 percent.

The PRO-7 expressed confidence that the decline of peace and order indicator will continue as the police intensifies its campaign against all forms of criminalities and at the same time, enhancing the skills and capabilities of all police personnel in facing the different challenges, especially brought about by the pandemic. (fcr/PIA7) 

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