BFP: Bohol towns without fire stations now down to 4

HOSE AT FAULT? The flurry of fire-fighting leaves behind a tangle of hoses, even as fire investigators try to investigate who is at fault when fires like this break out. (PIA Bohol)

CORTES, Bohol, March 27 (PIA) -- Some 91.66 percent of Bohol towns now own fire stations.

However, Bohol Fire Marshal Fire Chief Insp. Raul Bustaliño has expressed concern over the access of fire fighters to tall buildings as building restrictions have now eased as the airport transfers to Panglao. 

With buildings then restricted to only a few floors due to their becoming air navigational hazards as the city's main throughfare is directly in line with the Tagbilaran City runway, now that the airport here is closed, the city has no more building height restrictions.

This poses a fire-fighting challenge to the local Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).      

Tagbilaran City, where Bohol's most commercial and industrial spaces are located, four fire stations keep guard - Old City Hall, Ubujan, Central Fire Station, and a defunct Mansasa Station - while Panglao has two - Poblacion and Tawala.  

However, during the recent Kapihan sa PIA marking the Fire Prevention Month observation in March, Bustaliño shared that after serious lobbying and with the help of local city officials, an aerial fire ladder as a high working platform for firemen would be available in Tagbilaran City and nearby areas.

"As scheduled in April, fire-fighting in high rise buildings in Tagbilaran would be bolstered by an aerial ladder fitted to a fire truck," Bustaliño disclosed during the radio forum aired live at DyTR-FM which also featured City Fire Marshal FCinsp. Marlito Boyoro. 

Both fire fighters bared that in Bohol, only San Miguel, Danao, Lila and Duero have yet to have their own fire stations.

However, most of these towns without fire stations have already donated lots for the BFP to build on the standard fire stations and its accompanying fire trucks and manpower complement.

FIRE DRILLS AND OLYMPICS. To keep the firefighters at the peak of their performance all the time, BFP conducts regular competitive fire olympics and fire drills which also include competitions among fire auxiliary brigades. (PIA Bohol)

According to the BFP, a fire truck alone would need at least four manpower complement: a driver, a nozzle-man, a hose back-up, and a ground commander cum fire investigator.

In other areas, it could be more, as the standard number is seven.

Working in shifts to be able to respond to alarms, BFP does not just have firefighting as their responsibilities.

During the pandemic, the BFP have been primarily tasked to conduct the disinfection duties and safety precautionary measures through decontamination of arriving cargoes and checking of body temperature of arriving travelers. 

Suffering from lack of manpower with 55 of its officers pulled out for training, Bohol BFP heavily relies on the roles played by its auxiliary fire fighters and volunteer firefighters organized by malls and large companies in Bohol.

Bustaliño and Boyoro mentioned Alturas, Bohol Quality, Coca Cola, and Philippine Mining and Sinter Corporation as having reliable fire brigades and equipment support that stretches the tactical capability of local firefighters. 

Even then, the fire chief said that fire prevention is still largely the task of everyone.

Sa pag-iwas ng sunog, hindi ka nag-iisa,” he said, emphasizing the national theme for this year’s Fire Prevention Month.

To ensure the BFP does not have to face the problem of fire all alone, their program "Ligtas na Pamayanan" is now currently operational.

“All fire stations across Bohol have been directed to visit every barangay within the month, and that there, they conduct public information campaigns reminding communities on fire safety tips and fire accident prevention, to keep their awareness high,” said Bustaliño.

During these barangay visits, firefighters bring important reminders to communities as well as immerse firefighters in local situations where they can be familiar with the vicinity and the people for faster and more efficient alarm response. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol) 

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