Albay tightens border restrictions to curb Covid-19 spike

Albay Governor Al Francis Bichara enforces tighter border restrictions in Albay to prevent surge in Covid-19 cases.

LEGAZPI CITY, Mar 24 (PIA) – Travelers coming from outside the Bicol region with Albay as  destination are required to present negative Covid-19 test result.

“All persons travelling by land, air and sea shall present at the borders of Albay the RT-PCR or antigen or saliva test result issued by any Department of Health (DOH) accredited testing centers at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled travel to the province for screening purposes,” said Albay Governor Al Francis Bichara.

The governor also noted that Albay is not under lockdown as travelers can go anywhere in the province.

Travelers in transit

Travelers in transit with other provinces as destination are not required to present the test result.

“Only travelers coming from outside the Bicol region with Albay as the destination are required to have the RT-PCR/Antigen/Saliva Test,” Bichara said.

Likewise, travelers from the National Capital Region bound to Catanduanes are also required to present negative test result issued by any DOH accredited testing centers at the borders of Albay or upon entry thereof.

There are no requirements for travelers going outside Albay.

Inter-province travels within Bicol region

Bichara said the test result is not required for travelers coming from other provinces within the region.

Moreover, there is a need to present valid ID or document as proof of residence in the region or work in the province, and to inform their barangay or LGU for monitoring purposes.

Required documents for APORs

Authorized Persons Outside of Residence (APORs) from national government agencies and their attached agencies must present their IDs, travel order and itinerary, and must pass symptom-screening at the point of entry and exit pursuant to IATF Resolution No. 98-A dated February 4, 2021.

Employees, and wage earners from local or neighboring province shall present an identification card issued by their employer whose business outfit is duly registered with the DTI.

ALBAY GET-PASS application

All persons entering the province, in transit or as final destination, are required to download and use the ALBAY GET-PASS mobile application for contact tracing purposes.

“Monitors for the ALBAYGET-PASS shall be installed at the boundary checkpoints of the Province of Albay for effective contact tracing of passengers coming from Metro Manila and other provinces outside of Bicol Region,” Bichara said.

This can be downloaded at Google Play or AppStore.

Border Checkpoints

Border checkpoints, particularly at the Albay-Camarines Sur border (Polangui), Tiwi-Camarines Sur border (Tiwi-Sangay Coastal Road), Libon-Camarines Sur border, Tabon-Tabon-Sorsogon border and Pioduran-Masbate border will be manned by the uniformed personnel of Albay Philippine National Police (Albay PNP). (PIA5/Albay)

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