803rd MC’s Focused Anti-Insurgency Campaign Leads to 3 CTG Members’ Surrender

LAVEZARES, Northern Samar, March 2 - Three members of the Communist Terrorists Group (CTG) laid down their arms and voluntarily submitted themselves to the 803rd Maneuver Company of the 8th Regional Mobile Force Battalion (RMFB8), Philippine National Police (PNP), yesterday, February 24, 2021.

The three former rebels identified as Ka Ningning; Ka Ingko/Diego, and Ka Kanor/Dimple; all members under SRC EMPORIUM, SRC SESSAME, and SRC LEVOX operating in Eastern Visayas, turned over one M16 with one magazine and four ammunitions, one Colt. 45 with one magazine and eight ammunitions, and one rifle grenade.

"I have long wanted to return to the folds of the law but we are looking for the right people to trust. Dimple and Diego are my sons-in-law. I don't want them to emulate my path that separated me from my family for a very long time. The life in the mountains is uncertain and returning to the government is the only thing I know for us to live peacefully”, Ka Ningning stated.

PCPT LESLIE R LALIC, Acting Company Commander, 803rd MC; accompanied by PLTCOL JOSE ROY M TORRECHILLA, Acting Force Commander, Regional Mobile Force Battalion 8, presented the three Former Rebels (FRs) to PBGEN RONALDO F DE JESUS, Regional Director, PNP8.

"I commend my men for this laudable accomplishment by the whole unit in gaining trust and confidence of our brothers who were deceived by the enemies of the state as a result of the intensified focused Anti-Insurgency Campaign and Intel-driven Operations”, said Police Captain Lalic.

“I, together with the 803rd MC, am reaffirming our commitment to amplify our efforts to convince our brothers and sisters who are still struggling in the mountains to end their fight against the government. We assure your safety so that you may live peacefully with your loved ones”, Police Captain Lalic concluded. (LAG)

Source: Philippines Information Agency (pia.gov.ph)

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