3ID commander condemns NPA’s sexual abuses vs. minors, women

ILOILO CITY, March 23 (PIA) – The Philippine Army’s 3rd Infantry Division (3ID) strongly condemns the disrespect and injustices committed by the New People’s Army (NPA) against innocent youth and women.

Major General Eric C Vinoya, the Commander of 3ID, condemned in the strongest possible terms the evident disrespect to human dignity committed by the ranking NPA leader and their male comrades against a minor NPA surrenderer and other victims.

He always expressed his dismay by the terrible sufferings and injustices that the victims experienced, said a press release from the 3ID’s Public Affairs Office.

This, after a 16-year old female member of the Communist Party of the Philippines-NPA Terrorist (CNT) surrendered, March 18, to the Army’s 61st Infantry Battalion.

The surrenderer “Alias Nene” from the 1st district of Iloilo revealed that she was sexually abused by a ranking NPA leader and her other male comrades while they were temporarily camped in a mountainous area in Miagao, Iloilo.

She also said that the sexual abuse of their leader and male comrades resulted in the pregnancy of nine female NPA members, who many of them are still minors.

Likewise, Ka Nene said that the female members served as cooks, and they are the ones who to fetch water for their senior comrades.

According to her, they were also given instructions that if one of them will be caught by the Army, none of them will tell the truth about what’s happening inside their armed organization, the press release added.

On the other hand, Vinoya challenged the silence of the self-proclaimed advocates of the youth and women such as Anakbayan and Gabriela to come out of their comfort zones and quit being silent on this issue.

“I appreciate and admire the bravery of alias Nene in revealing her terrible experience and exposes the sad realities of joining the NPA organization,” Vinoya said.

He added “This revelation may damage her reputation as a woman, but it will serve as an eye-opener to all on the evil and non-human acts of these NPA terrorists.” (PIA6/3ID Public Affairs Office-PA)

Source: Philippines Information Agency (pia.gov.ph)

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