Youth leaders redefine “activism” as productive and progressive

DAVAO DEL NORTE, Feb. 3 (PIA) – The youth leaders in Davao del Norte and Davao Oriental are redefining “activism” through productivity and progressive actions in line with the government.

During Pakigsayod on February 3, 2021, Lumon Community Association (LCA) President Rod John Pandili discussed what it means to be a new youth activist.

“Ako nagatuo ang makabagong aktibistang kabataan produktibo and progresibo, kabataang magandang halimbawa sa bagong henerasyon… at ang pinaka importante po may kompyansa at tiwala sa gobyerno (I believe that a new youth activist is productive and progressive, youth that are good examples for the new generation…and the most important is that they have trust in the government),” Pandili said.

In addition, DavNor Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federation President Hon. Emerson Dave Silutan that a new youth activist is a person of commitment, action, and sincerity.

“A new youth activist is someone who not only puts their mind into what they do, but also their hands and their heart,” Silutan said.

Silutan and Pandili agreed that the new youth activist is critical of truthful information and what is the truth.

They also agreed that a “makabagong aktibistang kabataan” or new youth activist “walks the talk”, they don’t just promote something but also participate in it and actually put the work in.

As well, they agreed that new activism is done with sincerity and not just for “compliance”.

In line with this, the Lumon Community Association conducts outreach activities where they bring government services to the communities in the far-flung areas.

“Ang kabatan-onan na ang naga adto sa mga bukid para mag tabang ug mag introduce sa mga serbisyo sa gobyerno nato (The youth themselves go to the far-flung areas to help and introduce our government services [to the poor communities]),” Pandili said about the activities of the Lumon Community Association.

Similarly, the DavNor SK Federation is launching projects aimed at improving the mental health among others of the youth in the province.

Supporting this new youth activism, Noel Legaspi, National Spokesperson of SAMBAYANAN (Sentrong Alyansa ng Mamamayan para sa Bayan) on Youth and Education, said that being an activist is originally a good thing, that its name has only been tainted as insurgent groups claimed to be activists.

“Dili daotan ang pagiging activista as long as dili ka mangampanya, dili ka manawagan sa paglunsad sa armadong pakigbisog nga ang objective mao ang pag pugan sa nagatunghay nga gobyerno sa kasamtangan (It’s not a bad thing to be an activist as long as you don’t campaign, you don’t call for the rise of the armed conflict whose objective is to destroy the government),” he said. (Jan Vincent Leuterio/PIA-XI)

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