USAID’s 'Tibay ng Dibdib' campaign empowers teachers to join #EndTB drive amid pandemic

USAID’s TB Platforms conducts an active case finding (ACF) activity for teachers and non-teaching personnel in DepEd Quezon City. (Contributed photo)

PASIG, Feb. 28 (PIA) -- Despite the COVID-19 public health emergecy, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)--through its TB Platforms Project, implemented by the University Research Co. LLC. (URC)--partnered with the Department of Education National Capital Region (DepEd NCR) for the adoption of “Tibay ng Dibdib” storybook as learning materials for tuberculosis (TB) education under the Health subject of Grades 3 and 4 in public elementary schools. 

Since its launching last October 19, 2020, USAID’s TB Platforms has conducted capacity building workshops for teacher facilitators of “Tibay ng Dibdib,” a true-to-life story of two young sisters who survived Drug Susceptible TB (DSTB) and Drug Resistant TB (DRTB). 

The storybook was written both in English and Filipino, and has a coloring book version. 

In partnership with DepEd–Quezon City, USAID’s TB Platforms also produced a video version featuring Teacher Marianne, one of DepEd’s teacher broadcaster as lead storyteller. In the video, Teacher Marianne animatedly shares the story about the TB journey of two young sisters, “Abby” and “Bella” who battled with TB in 2019 but with support from their family, community members, healthcare workers and USAID’s TB Platforms completed their TB and cured of the disease.

“Reading “Tibay ng Dibdib” storybook to my students helps me to support the #EndTB campaign. It makes me happy that as a teacher, I can help educate our pupils, and with the course of the online class I can reach out to their families and guardians as well. This is my little contribution to USAID’s TB Platforms public awareness campaign for TB,” shares Teacher Marianne Lobrin. 

Teacher Marianne reads "Tibay ng Dibdib" storybook, in support of the #EndTB campaign, during an online class. (Contributed photo) 

Lobrin added her happiness in receiving positive feedbacks.

“We are also happy that we are receiving positive feedbacks that we are part of this campaign. During COVID-19 pandemic, I believe the students are eager to learn about TB and COVID-19 and we try to incorporate basic information through the Tibay ng Dibdib,” she added. 

Meanwhile, USAID’s TB Platforms recently conducted an active case finding (ACF) activity for teachers and non-teaching personnel in DepEd Quezon City as part of its technical assistance. DepEd is preparing for the conduct of child-friendly TB screening and community contact tracing with support from USAID’s TB Platforms.

DedEd Quezon City Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Jenilyn Rose Corpuz, for her part, expressed full support to USAID’s TB Platforms as well as to the Quezon City Health Office as the local government unit leads strengthening of the city’s TB response amid COVID-19.

“We believe that Tibay ng Dibdib is a relevant learning material for TB education. We are engaging our school principals and MAPEH (Music, Arts, P.E. Heath) teachers in the roll out of this campaign. We will continue to discuss strategies to reach our stakeholders. We are grateful that we were chosen as pilot demonstration site.” cited Dr. Corpuz.

Likewise, USAID’s TB Platforms will launch the animated video version of the “Tibay ng Dibdib” storybook this coming World TB Day Commemoration on March 24. 

“Tibay ng Dibdib” is a social and behavior change communication strategy which seeks to promote positive health-seeking behavior for TB amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The story behind the journey of two sisters as mentioned in the storybook continues to inspire students, teachers, parents and stakeholders of the #EndTB campaign.

The Philippine Information Agency expressed its full support for the promotion of “Tibay ng Dibdib” and has published several stories about USAID’s TB Platforms partnerships for the DepEd roll out of the campaign. (PIA NCR)

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