Bohol allocates funds for peace, order programs

CORTES, Bohol, Feb. 12 (PIA) -- Simultaneous with the government stance using military solution in ending local communist armed conflict (ELCAC), Bohol allocated P728,040,610 in its annual investment plan and annual budget in programmed social, general services as well as economic investments for cleared areas to bring peace and development here.

During its latest online Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) meeting, the council approved en masse the P.7-B representing the ready funds for programs and services that would promote peace and order.

SETTING UP FEEDBACK MECHANISMS. The Dagyawan Townhall meetings in Bohol's PPOC events would continue as funds are set aside to allow much more of these engagements to inform the national government of the impact of its projects. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

The list of programs and projects to be implemented from January to December of this year includes P130,520,000 appropriated for general services; ₱156,604,188 for the provincial government’s social services; and another P440,916,422 for services in the economic sector, said Provincial Budget Officer Peter Ross Retutal in his presentation.

Under the general services sector, the Office of the Governor is expected to implement P1-M in support of the Department of Interior and Local Government’s Lupong Tagapamayapa Incentive Awards, with P23-M as counterpart funding assistance for activities and programs in support of peace and order.

Bohol also allocated P20-M as fund for assistance to indigents and individuals in crisis situations, a fund portfolio under the Office of the Governor.

For this year, Bohol put up a fund of P17-M in support of the multi-service initiatives during the HEART Caravan which aims to bring government services to rural barangays and spreading development equitably in all parts of the province.

Also to be implemented under the Office of the Governor are: P2-M in aid to the provincial and regional peace and order council; P4-M for Balik Bohol Medical Mission; P7-M for the conduct of Tingog sa Mga Bol-anon; P1-M for Bisita sa Kapitolyo; P6-M in support of Task Forces, Councils and Boards; P3-M in support of the government’s Civil Society Organization’s collaboration program; and P15,720,000 for Community Development Action for Rural Transformation (CD-Art).

Still under the Office of the Governor are the P10.4-M fund to support the operation and activities of the Center for Drug Education and Counselling and another P10-M in support of Capacity Development for Barangay Officials.

As to the economic sector, the Office of the Governor gets P10-M in support of the development of water sources and waterworks system in the province, as well as improve access of water for households; P25-M in support of various infra projects support programl; and P16-M for local roads development support program.

In total, the PPOC funds going to the Office of the Governor for implementation this year amounts to P167,620. 

Peace and order programs and projects to be implemented under the Office of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development (OPSWD) are Assistance to Indigents and Individuals in Crisis Situation (such as burial, medical/hospital/ health/ Philhealth assistance) with a funding of P80,174,000 which also responds to the provision of emergency subsidy, sustainable livelihood program (SLP) for informal sectors, distribution of food and non-food items, livelihood assistance grants, supplemental feeding program for day care children, and other key social services.

The OPSWD will also allocate P15-M in support of the multi-service initiatives during HEART Caravan/ outreach missions, and for the maintenance and operation of the residential facility that provides psychosocial rehabilitation services for abused women and children, empowering abused women and children of their rights, recovering emotional pain, and providing employment through self or sheltered employment for which the OPSWD gets P15,720,000. 

For the operation of Bohol Youth Home and the maintenance and operational cost, updated knowledge and skills of staff, OPSWD has P15,720,000 while it also keeps a portfolio for organizational strengthening, inventory of former rebels in the Kauban sa Reporma / Comprehensive Local Integration Program and Development for Former Rebels amounting to P2,856,000. 

All in all, OPSWD has a total of P129,470,00.

For peace through food and agriculture, Bohol’s Organic Agricultural Development in peace efforts gets P6,029, 600; its rice program gets P120,180,000; and another P92,479,000 for the province’s corn program, while Bohol’s high-value commercial crops program gets P5,541,278, implemented through the Office of the Provincial Agriculture (OPA) 

Other than those, OPA also implements Agri-Fishery Production Enhancement Development, Upland aquaculture production and other initiatives to help increase fishery production in the province with a fund allocation of P5,706,000. 

This yea,r too, OPA is set to put up the operation of the coconut oil processing facility to help coconut farmers earn more income and provide value-added processing of coconut production in the province with an allocation of P3,659,564; the establishment and operation of fish feed pellet line facility to support food requirements for fishery production at P3,659,654, the establishment of Agri-Fishery retail terminal at P53,884,000; the acquisition of machineries and establishment of facility for food dehydrator to support farmers increasing the shelf life of their farm produce at P18,701,600, for a total of P309,840,696.

Mobilizing communities to sustain the barangay-based support force for the livestock industry that provide assistance in disease prevention, monitoring and implementation of upgrading program, disease prevention and control, capacity development, monitoring and assessment, peace building through the Barangay Livestock Program gets P9,439,040 which is given to the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian (OPV) as the project implementer.

OPV also has the Agricultural Rural Transformation thru Integrated Community Dairy Project with P14,160,000 which intends to support dairy development and processing initiatives to provide better livelihood and more income to those engaged in dairy production, while OPV's "LET'S HELP BOHOL" program gets P5,940, 000 and the Bohol native chicken development program has P3,540,000 for the OPV.

Also in the peace budget is the P4,375,360 fund for the Provincial Livestock and Poultry Farm, P17-M Livestock Disease Preparedness Program and P2-M for Meat Production and Enterprise Development for a Capitol cache of P56,814,040.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Health Office's procurement and distribution of drugs, vitamins, and food supplements for senior citizens and other sectors as part of the Health Development thrust of the Provincial Government gets P10-M and the Drug Testing program gets P2,840,000. 

Bohol Environment Management Office Coastal and Marine Resource Management Program also gets P13,785,500, Land and Mineral Resource Management Program gest P1.5-M and its Forest Resource Management Program gets P6,666,560 for a grand total of P21,952,060.

Bohol’s Legal Assistance for Effective Law Enforcement Program (LAELEP) would be implemented under the Provincial Legal Office and gets P900,000 while Bohol’s implementation of various projects and activities under the components of the Program for the youth such as AMOMA (psychological, psychiatric intervention and crisis hotline), DUWA (sports), ABIBA (awareness and support group), DAYAG (arts, culture and history); and BANSAY (skills training) including the implementation of sports development, Boholympics, and other youth development programs, has P21,578,500,00. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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