PIDS study recommends improvement on gov't PBB scheme

QUEZON CITY, January 30 (PIA) -- The Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) has published a study on the  effects of the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) for government workers.

According to the PIDS,  the  study found positive results from the PBB, such as increased compliance on conditions for PBB access, and a shared perception among over 1,200 sampled government officials that the said bonus helps improve public service.

The study recommends the continuation of the PBB scheme but with improvements to its design and implementation, including a moratorium on changes in PBB requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It also recommended the following:

  • Create agency-level redress mechanisms for complaints, such as alleged issues of unfairness and gaming of the incentives.
  • Provide support mechanisms for lagging agencies on access conditions (e.g., leadership and strategy reviews, technical assistance on change management).
  •  Explore enhancing nonfinancial incentives in light of the pandemic. Flexibility on assignment location and work from home options, to name a few, could be powerful incentives. However, consider a rigorous impact evaluation framework for nonfinancial incentives. 
  • Experiment on a small scale the provision of incentives to agencies based on the contribution to sectoral targets.

More details on the study can be accessed through the following link: (JKC/PIA-IDPD/PIDS)

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