DOTr, PNR inaugurates new fleet

Test run of PNR’s newest Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives (DHLs) and Passenger Coaches today held at the PNR Dela Rosa Station to Tutuban Station (Photo from DOTR-Philippines)

QUEZON CITY, Jan. 28 (PIA) --The Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Philippine National Railways (PNR) inaugurated today the newest Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives (DHLs) and Passenger Coaches, with a maximum design speed of 120 kph and maximum passenger capacity of 1,330.

It has been 50 years since PNR acquired mainline locomotives and the first time after more than 40 years that the PNR Metro Commuter Rail Line will be served by a new fleet said PNR General Manager Junn Magno.

“This administration has implemented more railways project, has assigned more classes, has introduce new innovations, has introduce new generation of rolling stock classes than any other administration combined and that is to the leadership of our Secretary Art Tugade,” Magno said.

The passenger coaches consist of a 5-car formation, with the middle coach having a conductor's room that controls the door operation, CCTV monitoring, switch for lightings, public announcement system. It is also equipped with 36000 kcal/hour air conditioning unit in each coach that is suitable to the temperature for tropical countries like the Philippines.

The new trains have 2 driver cabin at both ends, equipped with 7000kcal/h cooling capacity at each cabin. It features an interior access to the engine room, the first of its kind for the PNR fleet. (MTQ/PIA-IDPD with additional information from Department of Transportation-Philippines)

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