COVID-19 vaccination not mandatory: Iligan EOC

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Health Cluster Manager Dr. Belinda Lim reiterate​s​ ​in a COVID-19 Virtual Presser ​that ​the COVID-19 vaccination is not mandatory​. (PIA-ICIC)

ILIGAN CITY, Jan. 30 (PIA) - The public would not be forced to get inoculated against the coronavirus disease​-19​ ​(COVID-19) once ​the ​vaccine becomes available.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Health Cluster Manager Dr. Belinda Lim reiterated ​in a COVID-19 Virtual Presser ​that although the government desires to get everyone immunized​, it is not mandatory​.

She said ​it is not forcibly implemented and people may opt to avail or reject the vaccination given that this is for free to all citizens and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Lim further explained that the vaccination does not assure that the person will be 100% resistant to COVID-19, rather, it will just upgrade ​the ​level of immunity and protection against the transmission of the viral disease​.​

She also stressed the vital role of media ​in intensify​ing the​ dissemination of fact-based information and help​ing​ the government contain fake news and misconceptions about the ​COVID-19 ​​vaccine, as well as ​in convinc​ing​ the public to be vaccinated.

“Karong panahona, dako kayo ang role sa media. Dako kaayong tabang sa media kung buligan ang gobyerno… Dako kaayo ko og pagtoo ug confident kaayo ko nga makatabang  ang media para pagpasabot sa mga katawhan ug pag-assure sa mga tao nga mamati nga we need the vaccine so that makadevelop tag 3rd immunity,” Lim expressed.

[At this time, the media has a big role. The media is a big help and a blessing to the government… I have a big trust and I am confident that the media can help to let the public understand and assure the people to listen that the vaccine, we need the vaccine so that we can develop 3rd immunity.] 

At this moment, the government still continues to gain trust from the public to push through the immunization program and sees to target that every Filipino gets vaccinated by 2022. (CRG/ PIA-ICIC)

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