BFAR-Bicol confirms dead dolphins in Del Gallego,Cam Sur

NAGA CITY, Jan.26 (PIA) – Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Fisheries Resource Management Section (FRMS) Officer-In-Charge Nonie Enolva confirmed the death of dolphins which were stranded in Brgy. Magais I, in the coastal town of Del Gallegeo, Camarines Sur at 7:24 this morning.

Photo credits: MAO Alex Idanan and Miriam Tobias Renon

As of press time, out of 25 stranded Fraser’s dolphins (Lagenodelphis hosei), 13 already succumbed to death.

“The BFAR 5 Fisheries Regional Emergency Stranding Response Team received a call from the Fisheries Livelihood Technician (FLDT) assigned in the area regarding the stranded dolphins and immediately proceeded to the area. Some attempted to release the others, but 13 were already found dead,” Enolva said in a press report.

Enolva added that the team coordinated with the Philippine Mammal Stranding Network thru Doc Lem Aragones and planned to undertake necropsy tomorrow. To ensure the accuracy of the cause of death, the carcasses will be preserved by icing on site.

“As the cause of the stranding and eventual death, we already ascertain that it was due to blast fishing based on the hemorrhages in almost the entire body and blood oozing from the mouth, eyes and ears of the said dead dolphins,” Enolva added.

Blast or dynamite fishing is an illegal method of catching fish by using explosives or kill a school of fish in one go. It has been reported that blast fishing is again happening in the coasts of Del Gallego and its adjoining coastal municipality in Ragay, Camarines Sur.

Ragay Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator Neonito Tipay Jr., said that they are now in the look our for blast fishing in their area of jurisdiction after hearing the dolphin stranding in Del Gallego, to prevent the same from happening in their coast.

As of press time, Ragay Mayor Thaddeus A. Ramos is meeting up with the Coast Guard to request them to put up a base or station to help the LGU monitor illegal fishing. 

“We don’t have much sophisticated gadgets and we have very few manpower to check the seawaters for illegal fishing so I think it would also be a great help if the Coast Guard can put up a station here,” Tipay admitted. (LSMacatangay-PIAV/Camarines Sur)


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