Barangay UP Campus is QC crime hotspot -PNP

PASIG CITY, Jan. 23 (PIA) -- Among 142 villages in Quezon City, Barangay UP Campus is ranked 20th in the peace and order indicator of the entire city over the last five years since 2016.

Topping the 5-year total of eight focus crime incidents in Barangay UP Campus were 250 drug-related cases, 106 theft, 72 robberies, 36 physical injuries, 21 rape, 14 murder, 23 carnapping, and two complex crime cases of robbery with homicide. The index crime trend in Barangay UP Campus has dropped significantly in 2020, but the trend of non-index crime remained consistent.

These crime records are culled from the barangay blotter of Barangay UP Campus that are now recorded in the PNP National Crime Information Reporting and Analysis System (CIRAS).

During a dialogue among representatives from the government security sector and the academe, CHED authorities have noted the “prevalence of the drug problem” in the state university and its police force’s inability to address crime and public safety issues in campus.

Among other prevalent non-index crime incidents recorded in Barangay UP Campus were 72 illegal gambling, 21 malicious mischiefs, 43 VAWC, four direct assault, three forcible abductions, 14 homicide, 5 acts of lasciviousness, 13 estafa, 43 child abuse, 11 public health violations, two obstructions of justice.

The Barangay sits inside the sprawling 493-hectare UP Diliman campus in Quezon City that spans from Barangay Botocan in the southwest, segment of C-5 and Barangay Pansol in the southeast, to the Central Avenue in the north. The campus covers seven barangays (or at least portions of them) including the Barangay UP Campus.

A census conducted in 2012 by the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Community Affairs in cooperation with local government units like the Barangay UP Campus, has revealed the presence of at least 15,500 households (each averaging 4.5 members) living in self-built units that were constructed without necessary permit from the UPD administration.

The UPD security system consists of the UPD Police (with 42 officers and 9 administrative staff) with 240 security guards, and security service brigade (SSB) personnel.

UPD employs more than 1,500 full-time faculty members and 1,700 regular administrative and technical support personnel to serve the academic needs of more than 27,000 students. (PIA NCR)

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