PHO-Aklan: Be cautious in using fireworks this New Year

KALIBO, Aklan, Dec. 29 (PIA) --  The Provincial Health Office (PHO) here reiterated its reminder to the public to take precaution in purchasing fireworks and using such in welcoming the New Year.

In a media interview, Ruene Perucho, Violence and Injury Prevention Program and Health Emergency Management Coordinator of PHO-Aklan, noted that using firecrackers has been a Filipino tradition in celebrating this holiday season to drive away the misfortunes brought by the previous year.  

However, Perucho stressed that the safety of everyone should still be the utmost priority and concern of every Filipino.  

The public is instead urged to find alternative means in celebrating the New Year in the safest ways.

The Department of Health has provided seven alternative noisemakers instead of using firecrackers; these are: drum beating, honking, illumination of glow sticks, beating of pot, shaking of piggy bank, tambourine gesture, and playing loud music/instruments.

Earlier, DOH has discouraged the use of ‘torotot’ and whistles as these could be mediums in spreading Coronavirus Disease - 2019 (COVID-19).

Meanwhile, if using of firecrackers and other pyrotechnics during the celebration is inevitable, ensure to avoid buying those considered as illegal products.

According to the Philippine National Police the following are prohibited in the market: Piccolo, Super Lolo, Atomic Triangle, Large Judas Belt, Large Bawang, Pillbox, Bosa, Goodbye Philippines, Bin Laden, Mother Rocket, Lolo Thunder, Coke In Can, Atomic Bomb, Pla-Pla, Giant Whistle Bomb, Kabasi and Watusi.

Based on Republic Act 7183, anyone who will be caught carrying and selling the aforesaid products may be penalized of imprisonment from six months to one year and may be fined of P20,000 to P30,000, cancellation of permit, and confiscation of the illegal firecrackers .   (LTP/SQP/PIA-Aklan)


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