GSIS urges pensioners to do  annual revalidation online 

PASIG CITY, Dec. 29 (PIA) -- State pension fund Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) President and General Manager Rolando Ledesma Macasaet encouraged pensioners to report to GSIS online as it resumes the Annual Pensioners Information Revalidation (APIR) in 2021.

“Pensioners must report to GSIS on their birth month in 2021 and it may be done online through Viber, FB Messenger, Skype, or Zoom after texting (through SMS messaging) or emailing the GSIS to request the online interview schedule. This contactless method will protect them from possible COVID-19 transmission as well as ensure the continuous receipt of their pension,” Macasaet said in a media release.

Online APIR, according to Macasaet, is in addition to the other options given to pensioners to comply with the annual reporting to GSIS.

The other methods are APIR via the GSIS Wireless Automated Processing System (GWAPS) kiosk, personal appearance, and home or hospital visit.

The pension fund chief stressed that the APIR must be done on the pensioner’s birth month. Undertaking the APIR before their birth month is not allowed.

”Complying with online APIR is simple and easy. On their birth month, pensioners may just text their name, birthday and preferred channel to be used in conducting the interview. They may choose from Viber, FB Messenger, Skype, or Zoom. The information must be sent via SMS to the mobile number of the concerned GSIS handling branch or unit which will be published on the GSIS website ( After receiving the pensioner’s text, GSIS will set the schedule and confirm it with him or her,” Macasaet said.

If they prefer to set the APIR interview through email, pensioners must email only a copy of their Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) or temporary eCard Plus (with photo), or two valid IDs, in the absence of the UMID or eCard.

Surviving spouses, however, have to email a self-declaration that they have not remarried or cohabited with another person. The form is downloadable on the GSIS website,

In the same manner, permanent disability pensioners must submit the original copy of their annual medical progress report.

Pensioners must email the documents to the designated email address of the handling GSIS office. The list of email addresses of the main and branch offices are listed on the GSIS website

Pensioners abroad must request a schedule of the online APIR through email. Those who were previously being home-visited yearly due to advanced age (80 years old and above), sickness, disability, or other health issues affecting their mobility must also request their online APIR schedule through email or text.

“We are constantly finding ways to harness technology to make transacting with GSIS convenient and safe for our members and pensioners,” Macasaet said.

Macasaet added that for pensioners who would prefer to undertake APIR through the GWAPS kiosk, they may do so by going to the nearest kiosk on their birth month. They will need their UMID card to use the GWAPS kiosk. GWAPS kiosks are located in all GSIS offices, Robinson’s malls and SM supermalls, and other major government offices.

For pensioners who would opt to personally appear in GSIS to comply with the APIR requirement, they may go to any GSIS branch office or service desk on their birth month. They must present their UMID card or two valid government-issued ID.

“We however remind our pensioners, especially those who are old and weak, to take all the necessary precautions if they would decide to use non-online methods in complying with APIR. Please wear your masks, face shields and observe physical distancing, “ Macasaet said.

He added that pensioners who are bedridden or confined in a hospital or penal institution will be visited by GSIS personnel for the APIR requirement. GSIS must be informed of the situation at least a month before the birth month of the pensioner by sending the request containing the details, and exact location and contact number of the pensioner or his authorized representative.

For details on online APIR and other information on GSIS benefits and services, interested parties may visit the GSIS website,; GSIS Facebook Page,; or call the GSIS Contact Center at 8847-4747 (if in Metro Manila) or 1-800-8-847-4747 (for Globe and TM subscribers) and 1-800-10-847-4747 (for Smart, Sun, and Talk ‘N Text subscribers). (PIA NCR)

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