Aklan guv issues new EO to manage people's movement

KALIBO, Aklan, Dec. 14 (PIA) --  A new executive order implementing measures for the management of people in and out of the province of Aklan was issued recently by Governor Florencio T. Miraflores.

Executive Order No. 42 Series of 2020 is the latest directive that aims to maintain and preserve Boracay Island as COVID-19-free and to prevent escalation of cases in the whole province

The governor said stringent measures have to be implemented including the requirement of enrolment in the “Quick Response” Card System developed by the province through Online Health Declaration Form.

The latest EO has specific instructions for Aklan residents, employees/workers in Boracay Island, residents of Boracay Island as well as in the management of Aklanon and Non-Aklanon Tourists, and Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORs).

Under the new EO, all residents of Aklan with proof of residency, travelling outside of Aklan are required to accomplish a one-time Online Health Declaration Card (OHDC) with “Quick Response” (QR) Code for Local Aklanons to be presented to the Border Scanning Personnel at the Provincial Border exit and entry points.

Accordingly, the OHDC will be updated every time they pass through the scanning personnel.

Employees and workers in Boracay Island are also required to have a QR Code ID which can be generated or secured from their employers or establishments through an online web facility or through the Caticlan and Cagban Jetty Port Management.

This QR Code must be presented to  the scanning personnel at Caticlan/Tabon Port each time they enter Boracay Island, and at Cagban/Tambisaan Ports when they exit the island.

For residents of Boracay, all of them who had been issued with Boracay Residents ID are required to update said ID to include OHDC with QR Code which will be scanned by personnel at entry and exit points of the island.

Foreign nationals who are residents of Boracay Island with proper documents from the Bureau of Immigration, on the other hand, are also required to have OHDC with QR Code which shall also be presented to the scanning personnel each time they leave and re-enter the island.

In the management of tourists, the EO mandates that all Aklanon tourists are required to enrol to the OHDC with QR Code as a pre-requirement before being allowed to enter Boracay Island, and must be presented at points of entry and exit when leaving.

As requirement to secure OHDC-QR Code, tourists must provide to the Provincial Evaluating Team through touristboracay@gmail.com a confirmed booking voucher from a Dapartment of Tourism (DOT) accredited accommodation establishments, and a proof of Aklanon residency.

Non-Aklanon tourists are also required to enrol to the OHDC with QR Code for Tourists.

Tourists traveling by air will only be via Caticlan Airport and the OHDC QR Code is a pre-boarding requirement.

Tourists traveling by sea must register to the OHDC QR Code system of the province as a pre-boarding requirement.  This QR Code must be presented to the scanning personnel at the port of Caticlan before they are allowed to disembark from the vessel and also at Caticlan/Tabon Port before they are allowed entry to Boracay Island.

Tourists traveling by land are also required to register their OHDC QR Code at the provincial border control and the same QR Code shall be used to enter and exit Boracay.

To be able to secure an OHDC QR Code, all domestic tourists must log on to touristboracay.com as tourists and shall submit when required, their booking confirmation voucher from a DOT-Accredited accommodation establishment, a Negative RT-PCR test result not earlier than 72 hours from date of collection of specimen to date of travel, proof of identification with Philippine Residency, and roundtrip flight/travel details.

For APORs, non-Aklanon ones intending to stay overnight or more in the island shall also enrol to the OHDC-QR Code for APORs of the Province of Aklan through the website touristboracay@gmail.com with  documents for verification, such as Negative RT PCR result valid for 7 days, mission/travel order, proof of identity, and confirmed booking voucher from a DOT-accredited accommodation establishment.

The EO stressed that the QR Code of tourists and those of non-Aklanon APORs with overnight booking or more have an expiry of 12 hours from their submitted check-out time from their accommodation establishments.

Any side trip of non-Aklanon tourists outside Boracay Island before, during and after travel to Boracay is strictly not allowed too.

Violators of any provision of the new EO, according to Governor Miraflores, shall be penalized in accordance with existing laws. (JSC/VGV/PIA6 Aklan)




Source: Philippines Information Agency (pia.gov.ph)

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