WV campus journalists urged to write environment stories

ILOILO CITY, Nov. 18 (PIA) --- An environment and science correspondent from Singapore’s national broadsheet encouraged student writers in Western Visayas to sustain writing about the environment.

In the recent session of PIA6 Campus Journ Convos which tackled Environmental Journalism, Audrey Tan, correspondent of The Straits Times, said that young people should not underestimate their sphere of influence when it comes to disseminating information on the environment.

“With the pandemic and with people not being able to travel, what better time it is to showcase the wonders of your own country and your own backyard,” she said.

Tan said that having these young people report on environmental and climate issues may also impact legislation and policy-making.

“I think having your reporting affect legislation and policy-making is significant but I think every single one of us can appreciate it, in our communities,” she said.

She said that articles that convey information about the climate and what people can do are significant enough to change the discourse.

Meanwhile during the online session, Tan shared some tips on how to craft stories pertaining to the environment, including finding the “inspiration” to write such articles.

She said that there is a quote from one philosopher that states “wisdom begins with wonder.”

“If you have the sense of wonder, you would look at everything in child-like eyes and you know children are always curious,” she said.

She added that for writers, there is always something to learn about the world and about the environment. (JSC/LTP/PIA6 Iloilo)

Source: Philippines Information Agency (pia.gov.ph)

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