QR code implemented in TF Davao checkpoints

DAVAO CITY Nov. 25,  (PIA) - The commander of the Task Force Davao revealed that they started implementing the QR code at 8:10 am yesterday (Nov 24) in the three entry points to Davao City in Barangays Sirawan, Lacson and Lasang. 

Colonel Consolito Yecla, commander of the Task Force Davao said that as of today, a total of more than 27,000 QR codes have been scanned out of the 37,900 persons who passed the checkpoints.

Yecla said the figure represents 72 percent compliance of the DQR requirements of travelers. 

He clarified that the DQR as of now is not yet mandatory, but the TF Davao is one of the agencies tasked to do the testing even on government agencies and malls.

“As of now the QR code checking is smoothly done and we notice high compliance,” Yecla said.

He said printed QR codes are easy to scan than those embedded in the cellular phones.

Yecla noticed the QR Codes in cellular phones encounter many glitches like low battery and screen saving.

“QR codes in cellular phone cause delays since it has to be search in the files before it can be presented to the authorities for scanning.  Hard copy of the QR code is better,” he said.

Yecla told residents to present a hard copy of their QR codes and have them scanned closer to the soldier for everybody’s convenience.

He said the soldier must not stretch his hand into the vehicle to do scanning of QR codes.

“We maintain that the soldier does not have body contact during the scanning,” Yecla said.

He said people who did not have QR codes would still come to the city, provided they showed other pertinent documents like IDs based on the Executive Order No. 63 and prohibition of non-essential travels based on EO No. 62. 

“We are reminding everyone that the QR Code is used only during essential travels,” Yecla said.

He stressed that even with the QR code, a person can still be denied entry to Davao City if shown that the travel is not essential.  (Dalumpines, JS)

Source: Philippines Information Agency (pia.gov.ph)

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