NLRC-RAB goes online to ensure safety of stakeholders

CEBU CITY, Nov. 5 (PIA) -- The National Labor Relations Commission-Regional Arbitration Branch in Region 7 (NLRC-RAB-7) required those who are interested to file complaints and requests for assistance (RFAs) to get an appointment online. 

In the recently-held DOLE Regional Coordinating Committee (DOLE RCC) meeting, NLRC RAB-7 Executive Labor Arbiter Emiliano Tiongco, Jr. shared the new policy that their office is now implementing for clients to set an online appointment first before they could file a request for assistance or a complaint for compulsory arbitration. 

“This new policy aims to minimize physical contact as much as possible. Clients will have to go to the RAB on their appointed time and must accomplish first the form online. The RAB is now operating from Monday to Friday with 100 percent manpower complement and decongesting the office by way of entertaining only those who have set an online appointment, which is way better than for the clients to flock there,” said Tiongco.

Filling out of forms at the RAB office is now discouraged, he added, adding that booking an appointment online is easier than having to physically go to the office without an assurance that one’s concerns will be accommodated immediately.

Services at the NLRC-RAB that now require online appointment include the following: request for assistance under the Single Entry Approach (SEnA) program involving one complainant and one involving two or more complainants and formal complaint before the sala of a Labor Arbiter involving one complainant and one involving two or more complainants.

“We are now implementing a No Walk-In Policy. For clients coming from other Offices offering SEnA and in the event there’s failure in their conferences and they are being endorsed to us, we advise them to book an appointment online first because they will not be entertained if they go straight to the Office even if they have their referral slips with them,” Tiongco added. 

Other offices also offering SEnA are the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), NLRC-RAB, National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB-7), Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA-7) and the Regional Tripartite Wages Tripartite and Productivity Board (RTWPB-7).

Clients will have to access to book an appointment online. 

NLRC-RAB’s move is in support of the latest En BanC Resolution No. 03-20, Series of 2020 of the National Labor Relations Commission underscoring the necessity of promoting safety among their clients, personnel and all stakeholders by way of reducing physical contact as much as possible at their offices.

“The DOLE, being the mother agency of the NLRC is in full support of their latest policy. This is one way of ensuring that the minimum health standards are being abided by in their offices. For the clients of DOLE, they can go check the announcement of the NLRC-RAB that we have also posted at our FB page and website,” said DOLE-7 Regional Director Salome Siaton, who also sits as the Chairperson of the DOLE Regional Coordinating Committee (DOLE RCC-7).

She added that the DOLE is also now developing an online public assistance help desk. 

“For as long as the party or client seeking assistance has the facility such as laptop or a cellphone and a good internet connection, then a Public Assistance Desk Officer or PADO could entertain him virtually,” said Siaton, who added that DOLE will announce it to the public once ready and in place.

Mae Codilla of the OWWA-7 also announced that most of their programs are also done online, while Aligonza of the POEA reported that all of their frontline services are likewise now online so that appointments will have to be set online as well.

“This is the beauty of having the DOLE RCC family of agencies work closely together because we get to share our respective agency updates and compare notes on a regular basis and of course, we get to put our acts together for the benefit of all our clients,” said Siaton. 

Now that the community quarantine has been eased up in Cebu City, the conduct of the regular DOLE RCC Meetings has also been revived. 

“It is during these meetings where we get to apprise ourselves of the latest pronouncements and issuances and as one family, we get to keep ourselves abreast with policies of other agencies that will also concern our very own clients and vice versa,” Siaton said. (jsme/PIA7/Cebu/DOLE-7)

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