MisOr technology adopters ready to produce E-Nutribun

MISAMIS ORIENTAL, Nov. 26 (PIA) - Department of Science and Technology (DOST)-10 Regional Director Alfonso P. Alamban bared in "Talakayan sa PIA" media forum here that four Misamis Oriental (MisOr) firms have adopted DOST's E-Nutribun Technology and are ready for mass production.

This, after they attended a three-day online technology training conducted by DOST-Food Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) and have obtained their respective licenses. 

These firms, which are also DOST-10's Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading Program (DOST-SETUP) beneficiaries, have adopted the DOST-FNRIs E-Nutribun technology, namely: Bestfriend Goodies, SG Business Venture (Bake O'Clock) Inc, The Life-Giving Products Specialty (Manhu - The Lifegiving Bread) Corp. and Yum Breadhauz and Food Products in Gingoog City. 


Engr. Rosemarie Garcia, FNRI's chief Science Resource Specialist said, “The nutribun had become a part of our country’s history. It was made to solve the protein-energy malnutrition problem of public schoolchildren.”

The nutribun was first introduced to the public during the 1970s at the time of the President Ferdinand Marcos and was the project of first lady Imelda Marcos.

During that time, there was deficiency in protein and energy among public schoolchildren, prompting the ogovernment to introduce nutribun which had improved the nutritional status of schoolchildren during that pepriod. 

As the DOST together with the Food and Nutrition Research Institute reintroduces the nutribun to the new generation. certain enhancements to the nutritious bread were made to cope with the current nutritional needs of the children. 

"The DOST returned it [nutribun] as an enhanced and up-to-date version. As of now, it is not only the protein and energy problem confronting the children; there is also the micronutrient deficiency. With the survey done by FNRI, it found out that more than 60% of children did not reach the energy requirement, the estimated requirements when it comes to micronutrients like Vitamin A, Iron, and Zinc. That is why we launched the Enhanced Nutribun," Engr. Garcia said.

The bun contains natural ingredients that contain micronutrients in one serving; it utilizes squash as its main ingredient.

"Utilizing the local vegetable and understanding the needs of our children became the rationale of why we came up with enhanced nutribun," Garcia added.

Nenita Tan of Bestriend Goodies decided to adopt the said technology to contribute to the greater cause of the project which is to improve the nutrition of the children.

Meanwhile, they will also be selling the nutribun not just to the Department of Education or government instituitions for feeding purposes but to the public as well at P20 for 160 grams, and P10 for 80 grams.  

Meanwhile, Gladys Mae S. Fernandez, Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator of National Nutrition Council (NNC)-10 shared about the upcoming Tutok Kainan Supplementation Program in Bukidnon province in which the eNutribun will be among the commodities to be distributed to the target beneficiaries particularly the pregnant and lactating women.(JAKAraƱa/PIA10)


Source: Philippines Information Agency (pia.gov.ph)

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