Governor calls on Aklanons to support 'new normal'

KALIBO, Aklan, Nov. 6 (PIA) --  Aklan governor Florencio T. Miraflores called on the Aklanon community to unconditionally support the “new normal” in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic currently devastating  the world-wide socio-economic well-being.

According to the governor, this human crisis requires and demands coordinated decisive, inclusive, innovative and effective actions from everyone.

“We are in dire need of a true and genuine discipline to win the war against COVID-19 pandemic,” Miraflores said.

“Let’s act together, and with our collective efforts, we can uphold The Whole of  System, The Whole of Government, and the Whole of the Aklanon Community approach against the pandemic,” he added.

He stressed that the world is better connected than it was before, and Aklanons must build a consensus about a future they want, a future where everyone has food, and can work, there is peace and order and public safety, and living on poverty, on fear and in doubts, are just things of the past.

“Let’s join hands and work for it,” he told Aklanons.

Meanwhile, as of November 5, only two municipalities in Aklan, namely  Madalag and Buruanga. remain COVID-19-free. 

Madalag belongs to the first district of Aklan while Buruanga is in second district.

Likewise, Numancia town, which is adjacent to Kalibo, is COVID-19 free, as its last three quarantined confirmed COVID-19 positive cases had already recovered and sent home.

However, Numancia Municipal Health Officer Dr. Levens Maravilla called on everyone not to be complacent, but work together to prevent further spread of the virus, and cooperate with authorities and practice health standards.

As of November 4, Aklan listed 160 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 144 now fully recovered, 8 active cases, and 8 deaths. (JSC/VGV/PIA6 Aklan)

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