COVID-19 cases in Bohol up

CORTES, Bohol, Nov. 28 (PIA) -- Active corona virus disease (COVID-19) cases in Bohol increased to 88 or 314 percent on Nov. 27, 2020 from 28 cases three days ago.

This as local authorities work on implementing granular lockdowns trying to contain the virus that has already cost the province 14 deaths. 

From four cases of local transmission on Nov. 25, the number surged to 26 by Nov. 27, 2020. 

After logging 15 active cases - most of them from visiting Philippine Army combat trainees considered as Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR) in the army training camp in Lino I. Chatto in Macaas, Tubigon - Tagbilaran City recorded 27 cases on Nov. 27, of which nine were traced to local transmission, and 16 more cases from returning locally stranded individuals, Overseas Filipino Workers, and entering APORs.

This, too, as Bohol health authorities noted 52 new cases monitored in a day on Nov. 27, 2020. 

It may be recalled that as of Nov. 25 at 1:00 PM, Bohol Inter Agency Task Force on the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (BIATF-EID) reported only 28 active cases in Bohol - four of which are cases of locally transmitted disease while the rest would be accounted from LSIs, OFWs, and APORs.

The locally transmitted cases came from Talibon (3) and Calape (1). 

The rest of the LSIs, OFWs, and APORs were well contained in isolation facilities in their respective towns, the breakdown of which are the following: one OFW case from Ubay; two LSIs from Alicia; one LSI in Tubigon; one LSI in Trinidad; one LSI from Tagbilaran City; one LSI from Antequera; one LSI in Ubay LSI; 12 APORs in Tubigon; one APOR in Candijay; and one LSI in Candijay. 

But on Nov. 26, cases went up to 42, with 14 more cases added to the 28 recorded a day before.

That day, local transmission cases were also noted, like one in Danao, two cases from Panglao, two from Tubigon, one from Maribojoc, one from Alicia, one from Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, and recovering patients of one from Calape and three from Talibon as listed the day before.

That day too, active cases brought in from outside the island include one LSI in Cortes, one from an LSI in Panglao, one case from an LSI in Dauis, one LSI in Tubigon, one LSI from Trinidad, one LSI from Antequera, one LSI from Ubay, and two more from one case of an LSI returning to Candijay.  

From the APORS on that day, noted were one case in Panglao, one APOR case in Batuan, one more after the case brought in by an APOR in Tagbilaran City recorded on Nov. 26, 12 army APORs in Tubigon, and a case of an APOR in Candijay.

At about 6:00 p.m. on Nov. 27, the authorities noted another surge of 52 more cases, notably 15 of them locally transmitted.

The 16 local transmissions were traced to one in Dauis, one from Mabini, one from Ubay, one from Balilihan, one from Garcia Hernandez, one from Carmen, one Tagbilaran City Heath Worker, and eight cases from Tagbilaran City residents.

As to the cases brought into the island by entering or returning Boholanos, authorities noted cases from LSIs including one from the Provincial Epidemiological Surveillance Unit in Tagbilaran City, seven Tagbilaran City LSIs, four Tagbilaran City APORS, and four Tagbilaran City returning OFWs.

Cases also include one Dauis APOR, one OFW in Dauis, two cases of LSIs in Loon, two LSI cases from Anda, two more LSI cases from Loboc, one returning OFW in Duero, one LSI in Pilar, one LSI in Bilar, three LSIs in Trinidad, one LSI in Candijay, three LSIs in Catigbian, one LSI in Sagbayan, and one LSI each for Loay and Lila.

These cases were the latest addition to the 11 cases of local transmission monitored by the BIATF.

These include a local transmission case in Danao, two cases from Panglao, two Tubigon residents, one case in Maribojoc, one from Alicia, one from President Carlos P. Garcia, and the three Talibon residents.

The earlier list also included one LSI from Cortes, one LSI from Panglao, one LSI from Dauis, two LSIs from Alicia, one LSI from Tubigon, one LSI from Trinidad, and one LSI from Candijay.

As to the APORs, listed for the day were the following: one from Panglao, one from Batuan, two APORs entering Tagbilaran City, the 12 army APORs in Tubigon, and one returning OFW in Ubay.

That day, authorities also updated the mortality list with two more: one from Ubay and another one from Panglao.

COVID-19 has claimed 14 lives in Bohol, most of whom are adults and senior citizens. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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