Biliran island town opens RHU Pharmacy, offers free medicines to indigents

MARIPIPI, Biliran, Oct. 15 (PIA) -- In an unprecedented move to provide quality and accessible healthcare services especially to the indigents of this island town, a soft opening of the Rural Health Unit (RHU) of Maripipi Pharmacy was held October 14.

The initiative of establishing a pharmacy, which is part of the Uswag Six-Point Agenda of Maripipi Mayor Joseph Canonoy Caingcoy, is a partnership with the Maripipi Rural Health Unit,  various stakeholders, sponsors, benefactors and donors from both government and private organizations as well as individuals.

According to Mayor Caingcoy, the initiative is one of the many firsts of his administration's Uswag Maripipi Six-Point Agenda which is to provide quality and accessible healthcare services especially to the indigents or disadvantaged individuals of the island town.

"I am very excited for this project as this is the dream of many of our residents who are less fortunate.  Now, they will have access to the basic medicines that they need especially in case of emergency without having to worry about the cost," Mayor Caingcoy said in his message.

He added that sometimes, Maripipinhons have to risk their lives in crossing the sea in the middle of the night or day to go to the hospital or buy medicines.

"It is definitely a big help for our townspeople," the first termer local chief executive of the island town emphasized.

With the launching of RHU Maripipi Pharmacy, it is expected that this will significantly improve the delivery and accessibility of health care services especially to those who are in dire need. It has an impressive fully air-conditioned facility with assigned registered pharmacist to supervise the proper dispensing of medicines and monitoring inventory, Caingcoy further said.

On the other hand, Municipal Health Officer of RHU-Maripipi, Dr.Keisha Arcolas, said “it is of great joy that the dream for a pharmacy inside our own Rural Health Unit where we can dispense free medicines for the community has now become a reality.”

"It’s always heartbreaking to see patients unable to comply with the prescribed medications due to financial constraints and unavailability of the medicines. Thus, we are very thankful for the efforts and support of the LGU headed by our Mayor, Hon. Joseph Canonoy Caingcoy, together with the Municipal Health Office staff and personnel, partner agencies, NGOs and other sponsors who have been extending their generosity, " the young MHO of the town further said.

She assured the island town residents that the opening of the RHU Maripipi Pharmacy would be of great contribution in fulfilling the goal of delivering quality and accessible health care to the people of Maripipi.

Attendees of the soft opening of the RHU- Maripipi Pharmacy were given vitamins and supplements courtesy of Mrs. Santa Baer, a resident of Maripipi who is now residing in the United States of America and one of the supporters of the initiative.

It was learned that numerous positive comments from Maripipians here and abroad were posted and shared in the Uswag Maripipi Facebook Page, and in the RHU Maripipi Facebook Page regarding the initiative.

“It is my hope that this will be sustained with the continued help and support of our partners and benefactors.  I’d like also to take this opportunity to thank those who have been very supportive and have given generously to this great initiative. I’d like to encourage our fellow Maripipians both local and abroad who have the heart to donate vitamins and supplements for the less fortunate.” Caingcoy added. (ldl/rsv/PIA Biliran)

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